A Downtown Kind Of Guy With Expensive Tastes

Love And Life, Happiness And Health is the online version of the quagmire that is Yale Stephens’ brain: optimistic, outward-looking (with just a hint of the cynic), addicted to caffeine and nicotine but high on life, this column offers incisive (and we trust, witty) commentary on everything that makes the world tick as Yale sees it.

Yale Brighton Seaside

BEING BESIDE THE SEASIDE in August…in England as in Melbourne, Brighton’s the place to be: and when a seagull shits on someone’s foot while you’re getting your picture taken, you just have to laugh.

I’m a freelance writer and blogger living in Melbourne, Australia, where I first visited as an 18-year-old in 1990 and eventually relocated from Brisbane to save money on “weekends in Melbourne;” since then I have travelled to virtually everywhere worth going to in Australia (and to a few places not worth going to at all, believe me) and a few random dots on maps of Europe, South-East Asia and New Zealand.

I’ll always call Melbourne home, although the deep desire to one day live in London — a city that’s a love affair in its own right in my eyes — will probably become overwhelming at some point.

This column is simply a place to talk about the things I love: food, wine, football, music, travel…and to share my reflections and thoughts on the world, and what’s going on in it: sometimes local, sometimes global, sometimes from a distance, and sometimes close to the bone. I hope those who find their way to this site enjoy the banter.

I can be very blunt (although some nonetheless accuse me of being too diplomatic) and I’m guilty of being a bit of a cynic, and my sense of humour alternates between the tinder dry and the utterly, utterly ridiculous — with nothing in between.

Feel free to comment on any of my articles, or to share them if you think a friend could appreciate something I’ve written; and if I provoke discussion or even debate, so much the better!

Republication of material embedded from YouTube constitutes “fair use” in terms of copyright restrictions, and I draw the attention of the censorious specifically to provisions relating to the replication of content for “comment, criticism and/or not-for-profit purposes” which this column (and its use of such content) clearly satisfies.

You can follow me on Twitter @TheYaleStephens

(Oh, and for anyone looking for my online political opinion column, you can access that here).

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